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Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Take your Idea to Millions

Whether you have an app, blog, YouTube channel, or want to manage publicity for your college fest; digital marketing can help you reach millions!

Be in Demand

Digital marketing is one of the hottest career options these days with thousands of internships and jobs being added everyday.

Channel your Creativity

Whether you like numbers, or wordplay, or designing things; digital marketing offers a heady mix of creativity for everyone.

How will Your Program Work?

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1.1    Introduction of Marketing & Digital Marketing
1.2   Brief Introduction about DM?
1.3   Scope of DM?
1.4   Who can Learn DM?
2.1   What is Content marketing?
2.2   How to get Content ideas?


3.1    What is a Search Engine?
3.2   How search engine works?
3.3  Structure of SERP
3.4  What is SEO?
3.5   Types of SEO and Techniques
3.6   What is Onpage? Factors of onpage
3.7   What is Offpage? Factors 
3.8   Paid Tools 
4.1    Introduction to Google Analytics
4.2   How to link Google Analytics with your website?
5.1   What is Social Media
5.2   Social Media Uses
5.3   Different Social Media Platforms
5.4   Benefits of social media
6.1   Introduction to Google Ad Words. 
6.2  Creating Google Ads Account and settings


7.1   Introduction to Video Marketing
7.2   Difference between Video Marketing and Video Optimization
7.3   What is CPV and CPM
7.4   How to promote videos by using Google Ad words
7.5   How to promote videos by using Facebook


8.1   Introduction to Mobile App Marketing
8.2   How to generate downloads through Facebook?
8.3   How to target customers through search engine marketing?
8.4   How to generate downloads through twitter
9.1    Introduction to Email Marketing
9.2   Types of Email Marketing


10.1    How to Write Google Certifcation exams


11.1   Resume Writing & Job Hunting


Google Ad Campaign - Select the keywords, write the content, and set up a Google Ads campaign to generate online sales for a smartphone brand.

Who Will be your Teachers?

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Qualification: B. Tech
(Electrical and Electronics)


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Root
  • Basic commands
  • Editors
  • OS installation
  • Basic system configuration and administration
  • Understanding files and directories
  • Schedulers
  • User administration
  • Software installation