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Get Internship in Power BI Certificate by Completing entire turtorials and take the finsl exam to get certified in Power BI.

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Why Learn Power BI ?

Easy to Use

The simple user interface, the drag and drop system of creating visuals, and ability to connect to different data sources just with a click make using Power BI a breeze.

The Industry Leader

Power BI has consistently ranked as the leader among analytics and business intelligence platforms. So, wouldn't you want to learn the best?

Be in Demand

Nokia, Nestle, HP, Adobe, and many other companies rely on Power BI to empower their data analytics needs.Hence, knowing Power BI will boost your chances of working at these companies.

How will Your Program Work?

Watch the Video to Learn Various Concepts

Test Your Knowledge through Quizzes & Module Tests.

Get Hand Practice By Doing Projects.



 Power BI Introduction
 First Power BI Project

Getting Familer with Power BI DesktoP

Working with Rows
Working with Columns
 Unpivot Columns
 Creating Dimension
Creating Fact
Relationship and Cardinality
DAX Functions
Creating First Visual
Tool Tips and Drill Down
Formatting and Filters
Publish to Pro and Dashboard
Gateway and Sharing



Air Bnb Review Analysis

Who Will be your Teachers?

Brightest minds from across the globe help you move up
in your career through a real classroom experience.

Mandar Deshpande

Master of Science (Computer Science)


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Root
  • Basic commands
  • Editors
  • OS installation
  • Basic system configuration and administration
  • Understanding files and directories
  • Schedulers
  • User administration
  • Software installation