PG Program in Digital Marketing

For where modern industries and businesses are heading towards, it’s no surprise that Digital marketing has become one of the most strategic and advanced methods to get your brand out there in the online markets. With the current scenario of digital marketing, the methods of reaching out to customers have had a significant influence on where user behavior is one of the most fundamental elements that businesses have adopted.

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Online Mentorship | 06 Months

Online Certificate Programs in India, Online Professional Courses | IIBM India
Online Certificate Programs in India, Online Professional Courses | IIBM India

Digital Marketing Course Description

This course will get you through from the basics of Marketing and guide you through all the modes of marketing also how it should be rendered to your consumers. This program makes you a pro in concepts like Lead Generation and Conversion Rates and also equips you with everything you need to grow the business for the long term

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PG Program in Digital Marketing

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PG Program in Data Science 

Rs. 50,000 + GST

Post Graduate Certificate from
  • Personalised weekly online mentorship sessions
  • 6-Month Program
  • 93+ hours of online learning content
  • Dedicated career support through interview workshops and 1:1 mentorship
  • Access to  IIBM Institute- curated jobs portal and exclusive career fairs
  • Individual doubt-solving with expert mentors
  • 12 real-world projects guided by industry experts
  • Access to IIBM Institute – Industry and Peer Networking Events


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Introduction of Marketing & Digital Marketing


-Brief Introduction about Digital Marketing 

-Scope of Digital Marketing 

-Who can Learn Digital Marketing

 Website Planning

-What is website? & Types of Website

 -Basics of Html -What is Domain? Dierent types 

-How to purchase domain? -What is Hosting?Dierent types of hosting 

-How to purchase hosting?

-How to integrate domain to hosting? 

-Introduction to Wordpress? 

-How to install wordpress site using Xampp 

-How to create categories and pages?

 -Creating Menus to website? 

-How to choose themes for website? 

-How to install themes ? 

-How to Customization Business website theme? 

-How to CustomizationEntertainment website theme? 

-How to create posts? -Installing necessary plugins

Content Writing
-What is Content marketing? 

-How to get Content ideas? 

-How to rewrite the content 

Keyword Research
-Selection Methods of Best Keywords 

-Google Keyword palnner tool

-Google Trends

-What is a Search Engine? 

-How search engine works? 

-Structure of SERP 

-What is SEO?

-Types of SEO and Techniques 

-What is Onpage? Factors of onpage 

-Meta tags Optimization 

-Url Optimization 

-Content Optimization 

-Image Optimization 

-How to create Robot.txt file 

-How to create Sitemap.xml

-Use of Internal Link & External link 

-Canonicalization and permalinks 

-What is Opage? Factors 

-Link building Techniques 

-Directory Submission 

-Social Bookmarking submissions 

-Article Submission 

-Forum Posting 

-Guest Posting 

-PDF Submission 

-RSS Submission 

-Image Submission 

-Classified Submission 

-Video Submission 

-Blog Commenting 

-Web 2.0 

-Press Release Submission 

-Types of Link Juices 

-Details about the Domain Authority and Page Authority -Paid Tools 

Local Seo/ Google My Business
-What is Local SEO? 

-How to create Google my business? 

-How to optimize GMB 

-How to increase reviews 

-Increase citation for GMB

 Google Webmaster Tool
Use of Google Webmaster 

How to Verify Google webmaster tool to webiste? 

Crawl – Fetch as Google

 How to index pages in search engines using Google Webmaster 

What is Data Highlighter? 

What is Rich snippets or Schema? 

What is HTML Improvements? 

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? Site Links 

What is Crawl Stats & Crawl Error 

How to remove pages from Google Search results 

How to Check Robots.txt Google Index – Index Status


Bing Webmaster
-Verify Ownership 

-Crawl Errors 

-How to Remove a URL or Page from the Bing Index?

Google Analytics
-Introduction to Google Analytics 

-How to link Google Analytics with your website?

-Google data Studio 

-How to check visitors through Google Analytics? 

-Difference between Session & Page views 

-Demographics and Interests Report -Geo Report (Language and Location )

-How to check user behaviour in Google Analytics? 

-How to check user browser & from where he is coming to your website? 

-How to check from where user coming i.e. Organic, -Social or direct? 

-How to create Goals ?

 Social Media Optimization (SMO)

What is Social Media 

-Social Media Uses 

-Different Social Media Platforms 

-Benefits of social media 

-What is Social Media Optimization? 

-Diminesions of Social media images 

-How to increase the reach of organic posts? 

-How to increase engagements? 

-Social media tools 

-What is Hoot suite and Buer?

 Facebook Marketing
-What is Social Media Marketing? 

-How to Create a Facebook business page? 

-Optimization of Facebook page 

-How to Connect instagram to fb page? 

-How to create Facebook Ads? 

-Struture of Facebook Ads 

-Different types of ads in Fb 

-How to run Branding ad? 

-How to genrate more tralc to website? 

-How to select the right audience 

-How to use Facebook for lead generation

Linkedin Marketing
-Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing 

-When to use LinkedIn Marketing? 

-How to create Company page? 

-How to Create LinkedIn Ads 

-How to generate B2B Leads? 

Twitter Marketing
-Introduction to Twitter Marketing 

-How to create Twitter ads 

-Increase followers with Twitter Ads 

-Increase website visitors through twitter ads 

-App installation with Twitter Ads

Pinterest Marketing
-Introduction to Pinterest ? 

-How to use Pinterest? 

-How to create ads in Pintrest 

 Instagram Marketing
-Introduction to Instagram Marketing 

-How to create Instagram ads 

-How to Generate leads through Instagram Marketing 

-Drive traffic to your website using Instagram Ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
-Introduction to Google Ad Words. 

-Creating Google Ads Account and settings 

-Struture of Google Ads 

-What is Campaign?Types of Campaigns 

-Differnet Goals -Keyword Match Types. 

-How to create Search Ads? 

-How to select the right keywords for search Ads? 

-Different methods to control fraud click on your ad

 Display Marketing
-Introduction to Display Marketing 

-How to create Banner ads? 

-Create Re-marketing with Display Ads

 Video Marketing ads
-Introduction to Video Marketing 

-Difference between Video Marketing and Video Optimization 

-What is CPV and CPM 

-How to promote videos by using Google Ad words 

-How to promote videos by using Facebook

 App Marketing 
-Introduction to Mobile App Marketing 

-How to generate downloads through Facebook? 

-How to target customers through search engine marketing?

Email Marketing 
-Introduction to Email Marketing 

-Types of Email Marketing 

-Mail chimp for Email Marketing 

-Email Template creating 

-How to setup Newsletter and templates 

-How to extract customer’s data

Content Marketing
-Introduction to Content Marketing 

-Types of Content Marketing 

-What is iwriter 

-Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts 

-What is Content Planning 

-How to find the right keywords for content marketing

Youtube Optimization 
-How to create youtube channel? 

-Introduction to Optimization Basics 

-Different ways to create video 

-Tools to create video 

-How to upload video to youtube and setting Youtube Seo 

-How to monetize your YouTube video? 

-How to increase your views on YouTube? 

-How to use cards in video 

-How to add annotations 

-Audience Retention. YouTube Analytics 

-Social media impact on YouTube video ranking

Google Adsense
What Is Google AdSense? 

-Dierence between Google Ad words & Google Analytics 

-How to create Google AdSense account 

-Different types of Ad unit 

-Plugin for AdSense integration 

-Dierence between Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate Marketing
-Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 

-Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing 

-Methods to start earning from Affiliate Marketing 

-How to get affiliate links 

-How to apply for Commission Junction

Earn as a Freelancer
-What is mean by Freelancing? 

-How to get a project on Freelancer? 

-How to get a project on Upwork? 

-How to create gigs on Fiverr?

Ecommerce Marketing
-Introduction to Ecommerce Marketing 

-Basic difference between Normal SEO and e-commerce website SEO 

-The role of reviews in e-commerce marketing 

-How to think as a customer 

-How to increase e-commerce sales through Facebook 

-Effective strategy plan for the Ecommerce website

How to Write Google Certifcation exams

Resume Writing & Job Hunting


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Root
  • Basic commands
  • Editors
  • OS installation
  • Basic system configuration and administration
  • Understanding files and directories
  • Schedulers
  • User administration
  • Software installation