Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing and Devops

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Key Highlights

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Cloud Fundamental and Virtualization
Introduction: Definition (NIST), Evolution of Cloud Computing |Comparison of cloud computing with grid | Utility and client/server computing | Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Service & Deployment Models: Enabling Technologies | Private | Public | hybrid clouds | Characteristics of Cloud ,AAS ,PAAS ,SAAS
Introduction to Virtualization & Containerization: Virtualization Technology in Cloud | Difference in Virtualization and containerization | Virtualization with VMWare Workstation
Infrastructure: Historical Perspective of DataCenters |Datacenter Components
Virtualization: Virtualization (CPU, Memory & I/O) | Software Defined Networks (SDN) | Software Defined Storage (SDS) I Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS basics, Cloud services and pricing | Overview of Datacenters, Datacenter components
Importance and need of servers, Compute power | AWS compute services Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) | Virtual Private Cloud, Serverless framework
Storage Services S3, Relational Database Service | DynamoDB, Creating DynamoDB table | Launching of a MySQL database instance | Creating a CloudFront distribution
Identity & Access Management (IAM) | Security with IAM users, groups, and policies
Logging, auditing and resource management |Cloud watch, Cloud formation & AWS CLI
Microsoft Azzure
Overview, Resource Manager, Templates | Role based access control (RBAC), Azure portal | Subscription management/billing, Documentation
App service plans, Creating & Deploying web apps | Configuring, scaling, and monitoring Web Apps
Virtual machine models and components | Creating & connecting VMs with portal/template | Configuring and scaling
Storage accounts and storage services | BLOB, FILE, TABLE & QUEUE | Security and Azure Storage, Encryption & CORS | Creating and managing storage, Power Shell
Vnet definitions, Creating Vnets using RM Template | Network security group (NSG) & connection options

AD editions, Custom domains, Users and groups

Azure SDK and visual studio 2015, Win powershell

Service Fabric and container services, DocumentDB | Redis Cache, HDInsight, Service/event bus, Backup | Azure media services, Site recovery & Key vault
Docker & Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, GIT

Docker and Linux Container Technology: introduction and Use- Cases: Clusters, containers, and clouds: understanding modern infrastructure I Container lifecycles and challenges I Local versus production: bridging development environments

Docker in Action: Docker runtime and architecture I Managing containers I Creating toolboxes: Docker images

Managing Docker state: Networks I Volumes

Docker Swarm: Container Orchestration-Docker Swarm




Kubernetes core concepts: Pods I labels I controllers I services I secrets I persistent data volumes I claims I namespaces I quotas Services: Start Services – NodePort I Start Services – ClusterIP I Start Services – Load balancer
Microservices Architecture: Microservices Architecture I Deploying an app on kubernetes
Kubernetes on Cloud: Section Introduction I Kubernetes on GCP (GKE) I Kubernetes on AWS (EKS)
Kubernetes Setup: Setup Single node Kubernetes cluster using minikube I Setup 3 node Kubernetes cluster using kubeadm
GIT Introduction: Local & Remote repositories I Install GITI Initialize a GIT RepositoryI Initialize remote repositories


Capstone Projects

LMS Capstone Projects

AWS Project– Account creation, Navigating console

Setting up SSH Client

Key Based Authentication & Launch EC2 Instance

Browser Based SSH Connection

Creating First Website on EC2

Creating IAM User

VPC Peering

Creating First Elastic Load Balancer


S3-Public Access and Storage Classes


On completion of the Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing and Devops, aspirants will receive an Industry-endorsed Certificate.




B.Sc. (Bachelor Of Science)



M.Tech (power electronics), MBA-HR, PhD in power quality improvement


M.B.A(Marketing & Finance )

Program Fees

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INR 35,000

*18% GST Extra


USD $800

Our Faculty

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Dinesh Babu R

UrbanPro Excellence Award winner in Data Science Professional
CBAP Certified Professional
Senior Business Analyst in the MNC, Part time, Providing Business Analysis as well as Data Analysis training to both Indian as well as overseas students.
Qualification: P.hd in Data Analysis, MBA (Finance & Operation), B.Tech

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Ganesh Bhure (Management LDP Program, B.Tech/B.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication))

11yrs into training. Working on various training assignments onPython, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Docker and Kubernetes, Leadership and Product Management.

Software professional with 16+yrs of experience. Handled innovation strategic roles, Technical Consultant, Technical Manager, Project Lead, Product Development, Project Management, BusinessAnalysis, Technical Design, Python, C, C++, Docker, Kubernetes, Scale Testing, Product Benchmarking, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science.

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Suryanarayana Murthy (MCA, B.Sc (Electronics))

9.5 Years IT Experience in Big Data Hadoop and PERL as a Developer.
5.5 Years of comprehensive experience as Big Data Developer, Practical exposure and strong knowledge in Big Data management

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Boddu Lingaiah (M.Tech (CS), B.Tech (CS))

5+ Year teaching experience in Full Stack Web Development.

Boddu Lingaiah has over 10+ Years of experience as Master Trainer at Edunet Foundation & worked as IT Faculty at KL University and Jain University.
Studied M.Tech at SKEC Karepalli as well as worked as Assistant Professior for 1.3 Year.

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Abhishek Srivastava (M.Tech (CS), MCA)

IIT Kanpur Certified Data Science Trainer
Teaching experience in Data science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Data Science Trainer with 5+ Years of experience executing Data Driven solution to increase effeciency, accuracy and utility of internal data processing. Experinced to give training on regression models, using predective data modeling and analysing Data scienceAlgorithm to deliver insights and implement action- oriented to business problems.


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Root
  • Basic commands
  • Editors
  • OS installation
  • Basic system configuration and administration
  • Understanding files and directories
  • Schedulers
  • User administration
  • Software installation